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The Collective brings together dynamic teams of individuals and consultants from across the country whose unique mix of backgrounds, skills, and experiences spark innovative ideas and produce better outcomes for our clients. Countless studies confirm that diversity, both inherent and acquired, is associated with business success resulting in more sales revenue, more inventive products, and more customers. Diverse perspectives are paramount in discovering untapped potential, challenging the status quo, and creating new and alternative ideas and solutions.  

For Fair Winds Consulting, a women-owned business, innovation and inclusivity are key values, so creating The Collective was a natural step in our brand evolution and consistent with our business culture. Client needs are often multifaceted, requiring expertise across a broad range of specialties to develop or enhance processes, products, services, and strategies.

Through The Collective, we tactically and thoughtfully pair the right project teams with each client’s needs, creating customized solutions to facilitate real and lasting change, optimize performance and efficiency, and realize our client’s vision.


Along the entrepreneurial journey, our great fortune was being surrounded by countless mentors whose support encouraged our growth, confidence, and ultimate success. Now, it’s our turn to share those same attributes. The Collective’s bold approach enhances and expands the capacity of seasoned and emerging professionals alike to participate more equitably in the consulting arena. An effective business incubator, The Collective provides the marketing, leadership, and administrative infrastructure necessary to leverage clients and projects that may otherwise be out of reach for the rural, solopreneur, small firms, and budding consultants that we engage.  

Through this model, participating consultants spend more time doing what it is they are passionate about, harnessing their energy, enthusiasm, and robust abilities to create dramatic impact for clients while promoting and advancing their respective brand, networks, experience, skills, and earning potential. We’re here for them – and our clients – until we cross the finish line together. 



Every team member’s distinctive strength, talents, experiences, and workstyles are thoughtfully considered as teams are strategically designed for each project. Truly synergistic teams require the right mix of leadership, collective goals, shared values, and a healthy amount of communication. Our collaborative process fosters a culture of trust and mutual respect, values varied perspectives and sees them as necessary components to achieve high quality and innovative outcomes, and the team is committed to staying engaged in the creative design process and tough conversations and decisions along the way. We don’t pretend this work is easy – but the reward is always worth the effort.

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